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Our business specializes in interior design and renovation,

we will ensure the design plan is carried out precisely as planned. At  Sakuri's, we understand the importance of creating a space that reflects your personal style and enhances your daily life. We are experienced designers specializing in various services, including home, and room design.

Bedroom  Interior Design
Kitchen Interior Design

Interior Design Services

Tailored Interiors for You: Elevate your space with personalized designs, expert space planning, perfect color consultation, exquisite furniture selection, and tasteful decorative accents. Create a home that reflects your unique style and personality.

  • Living room Design

  • Dining room Design

  • Kitchen Design

  • Costume art

  • Home Decor Selection

  • Bedroom Design

  • Bathroom Design

  • Office space Design

Home Renovation Services

encompasses transforming your space structurally and aesthetically. By seamlessly integrating with our Interior Design team, we ensure your vision harmoniously evolves from concept to reality. This collaboration minimizes errors and maximizes the overall impact of your home transformation.

  • Kitchen Remodeling: Modern Kitchen Makeover

  • Bathroom Renovation: Spa-inspired Bathrooms

  • Flooring Solutions: Luxe Flooring Options

  • Lighting Upgrades: Stylish Illumination

  • Custom Carpentry: Craft bespoke storage solutions and exquisite built-ins.

Kitchen Interior Design
Kitchen Interior design
Home Staging 


Whether it is a model home or one that a seller is leaving behind, a vacant home is a blank canvas with its full potential left to the imagination of the prospective buyer,

We offer a boutique home staging and design company that provides 
luxury and innovative home staging services for vacant and occupied properties.
Unmatched service and beautifully detailed design are one of our expertise. 
We work alongside real estate agents, developers, and homeowners to 
bring a space to life and showcase its full potential. 

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